Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teeth, teeth and exhaustion

Well....this has been a rough couple of days in home.  Little l is getting two new teeth.  She won't go to bed at night.  Refused a nap yesterday, and is playing at the same game for today (I am ignoring her right now).

I have to camp with my Girl Scouts this weekend, which will be exhausting in and of itself, so I really don't have time for this!  I told her today that I was going to take a nap too, but she is still getting out of bed.  I am not sure what has caused this lately.  It may or may not be the teeth she is getting.  Sometimes I think she is just having separation anxiety.

Be that as it may last night she was up and about until 9:30.  Then she came into my room around 4 am (I think, it is kind of a blur).  She was soaked, so the lovely hubby changed her and put her back to bed.  I was back into a deep sleep when she came in at 5am, and I let her crawl in next to me, where she kicked and jiggled for 30 minutes before the loving hubby put her back to bed.  I think that was the last time she came in.  Again, this is a blur.

Around 6 am big L came into my room to inform me that the tooth fairy didn't come.  Well, hell.  I forgot!  She promptly made an excuse for the poor tooth fairy, and I said she wouldn't forget tonight.  I also told her to go back to bed, we didn't need to be up until 7.  HAH!  She was noisier this morning than normal, and coughing that asthma cough.  I got up gave her the inhaler, told her to use it and be quiet, I had 30 more minutes I could sleep!  Well...the coughing did not stop post inhaler use.  I got up at 7 (I am stubborn, I may not have slept but I stayed warm another 30 minutes) and checked on her.  Told her to get dressed we had to be at school early today.  She was still coughing, so before school I gave her a breathing treatment.  She dumped half of it out, finished maybe 1/3 of it, but was finally breathing normal.  Getting big L to rush is IMPOSSIBLE.  The word is not in her vocabulary.  So we were a bit late for Spanish before school this morning.

The funny part is that I had to wake up little l at about a quarter to 8.  I didn't do it my normal way which is to turn the lights on and start saying "time to get up".  I was nice, made a little noise, turned on her bathroom light, then went over and rubbed her forehead.  She actually had the nerve to stretch big and pull the sheet over her head!  It was cute, and if the camera had been in the room you would be seeing a picture, but alas, I don't live with a camera attached to me.  I was a little irritated though because it did take awhile to get her to where I could pick her up because she didn't want to get up.  Now she won't take a nap again, and we have too much to do to not rest a bit.  We have to take big L for an allergy shot, AND to karate, AND find time to go to Target.  I don't want a cranky baby for that!

That is my rant for the day.  Good night!

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