Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Food

I purchased a baby food making kit a month or so ago.  (Time has little meaning for me since little l came along).  I read through the book (kind of) and started making food.  This weekend I took the time to read the book a little more it said that the jars in the store could be older than my child!  I recoiled in horror, thinking, then realized my child is only six months old and I have jars of apple butter older than her.  Still it did give me pause to think.

I have been making little l's baby food from the start.  Except for that box of rice cereal.  She has had pears, peas, sweet potatoes, acorn squash and butternut squash, so far.  She had a small rash after the butternut squash, so I have held off on giving that to her again, but so far my youngest appears to be food allergy free.

I wish that with big L I had made her food too.  My excuse at the time was that I had no time.  This time I researched and purchased this: So easy Baby Food.  It is easy.  I spent maybe twenty minutes this weekend between the sweet potatoes and pears.  In reality, I cooked the food while I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  The smooshing took very little time, as did the spooning into the freezer tray (fancy ice cube tray with cover).  She loves everything I have given her so far.

This go around I feel more informed and smarter about what I feed my child.  Big L had mostly organic food, just like little l, but in reality, I did not do the food introductions the same way.  Also, I could not give L food as early as I can l.  L's allergies showed long before her first cereal.  When they got worse we stopped completely until she was a year old.

Little l is receiving one new food a week.  I try to mix it up now that she has choices.  Mostly, I feel good about what I am feeding both my children at this point in my life.  We try to eat mostly organic, but don't when it isn't available, and I try to make fresh food.  We still have pasta night weekly, and L has a hot dog every so often, but this to me is not as tragic as it once was because everything else she eats is so good for her.

The point of this meandering is that you can easily make baby food for your baby, and healthy fresh food for your big people.  If I had known how easy it was I would have been doing it all along.  Happy eating everyone!

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