Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it a cake safe for L?

This was a question I heard often at my husband's birthday party Saturday.  Can L eat it?  Well of course she can, do they really think I would bake a cake and tell her, "sorry honey, but it has stuff your allergic to in it."????  Over the years, my family has graciously eaten a few not so stellar cakes. 

I think the comment has more to do with the fact that it has taken me SIX years to master a cake that actually tastes good.  Admittedly the hardest part was frosting.  Recently I discovered Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix.  Love it, it bakes up nice and moist.  For eggs we use applesauce and baking powder, milk=rice milk.  It turns out great.  For the frosting, I have begun using earth balance soy free.  I am so grateful for finding this product.  There is no margarine out there without soy or dairy, except this one.  I have to drive to Scottsdale to buy it, but I don't mind! 

The whole party (minus the ranch veggie dip) was L friendly, and I spent the day worrying about guests and not worrying about my daughter's exposure to inappropriate foods.  The big plus was that no one seemed to notice the differences, and didn't complain at all the healthy choices they had.  Either that or my family and friends are finally growing accustomed to my food eccentricities. 

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