Monday, August 22, 2011

Trying to Broaden Food Horizons

I consider myself lucky.  My food allergy child, likes food such as broccoli, spinach, and frozen peas.  However, I have a hard time getting her to try new foods.  You know, squash, potatoes, and cooked varieties of the stuff she likes raw.

I am hoping that watching her baby sister eat these items will make her more willing to try new things.  However, when I think about it, we tend to eat the same items every week as well.  So, in order to broaden our horizons I have decided to subscribe to a weekly food delivery.  Every week we have yummy organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to our door.  This way I can avoid the junk at the grocery store, and I can make myself try new things as well.  The bigger plus to this delivery is that we will be eating foods that are in season, have more flavor and aren't raised to simply be in the store year round.

This weeks new item....Kabocha squash.  Honestly, I love squash, but some of them scare me in the store.  They are odd shapes and colors.  I have this pretty squash sitting on my counter, I have perused the internet for a recipe, and sometime in the next few days we will be eating a new kind of squash.  Now I just hope that I can get the oldest L to try it.   

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