Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Allergies: Deadly Classrooms?

My daughter's school informed me the other day, prior to sending home a note, that the classrooms on her side of the school will be peanut free this year.  While I am pleased about this, I am a little leery that maybe they don't quite get it even now.  Peanut allergies have to be the most advertised, talked about food allergy out there.

Guess what people, kids and adults can have severe deadly allergies to ANYTHING!  Yes, I said it, anything.  Last year they gave my daughter milk, she is VERY allergic to milk.  She vomited immediately (good sign you are allergic to what you just ingested), then spent two days wiping her nose and wondering why mom was monitoring her breathing.  So please, just because you are taking a peanut allergy seriously don't forget the facts. People can be deadly allergic to anything.

My daughter's one and only anaphylactic reaction was to GOAT'S MILK.  Yes, the most hypo-allergenic dairy product out there sent her to the ER, and me into a panic.  She was only nine months old at the time, and was tested for food allergies after the incident.  This of course means we have not had a severe reaction (until last years school incident) since that time.  Avoidance is the name of the game and we are very good at avoiding the items she is allergic to.

While I applaud her school's attempt to take all of this very seriously, I am concerned that everyone still doesn't get it.  Anything can be deadly to a kid with food allergies, we test and avoid, and prepare for the worst.  Thankfully, the worst has not happened, and yet that is thanks mostly to my diligence, training my daughter, and always being prepared.

So please, if you know a kid with food allergies, listen and be careful. Don't assume you know how to deal with something based on the latest news report. 

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