Monday, August 8, 2011

A beginning

I always feel I have something to say, and no one to say it to.  My husband hears most of it, but honestly, baby brain has set in and I think all day, but by the time he gets home I don't remember a thing I wanted to talk to him about!

I don't know yet exactly where this blog will go, there are so many paths it could travel, but I will start it out and see what happens.

I have two daughters.  One has life threatening food allergies.  So far the baby does not.  My oldest started first grade today, and despite some trepidation on my part, is returning to the school that gave her food she was allergic to.  Silly to worry, and part of me hopes and feels that they won't screw up again because they felt so bad the first time.  Alas, I don't know, and anytime she eats outside of my own kitchen I cringe with the lack of control I have over cross-contamination and just plain outright consumption.

I love to cook, but cooking for my family has its challenges.  I was also recently diagnosed with food allergies (you would think with all I do for big L that this would have been obvious to me, but I ignored my own symptoms), and big L has her own allergies.  I am a vegetarian, my family is not.  So meals generally make me feel like a short order cook, despite my planning.  I am fortunate in that my husband and oldest daughter love fruit and vegetables.  I am frustrated that I prefer it cooked in yummy recipes and they would rather eat it raw (or frozen).  We put up with each other and muddle through.

Lately, I have fallen in love with an awesome cookbook, Skinny Bitch:  Ultimate Everday Cookbook,  The book provides great recipes, some of which take little time, and they all taste great.  It is one of the few vegan books I have found that doesn't include soy products in the majority of the recipes.  Since big L is allergic to soy this is a big deal in our home.  Slowly but surely my oldest is learning to eat more foods, and as long as she is only adventurous at home where I can control it, I am okay with that!

I recently read an article that stated France has an increased obesity rate, and they are looking at how the latest generation views meals for a solution.  Apparently, they are becoming to "American" in their eating habits.  They normally value meal time for its peace and togetherness.  Meals aren't eaten in the car on the run.  After reading this, I realize that I find myself eating on the go and not making time for meals, especially lunch.  There is so much to do in our lives, but I am learning the hard way that if I don't make time for a healthy meal, junk sneaks into my diet and I suffer for it.

So the goal for August is to cut down on eating out/fast on the go foods, and sit down and savor the mealtime and the company I have (even if that company is a sleeping baby).


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