Friday, September 16, 2011

Being A Lawyer

For those of you who know me well you know I am a lawyer.  You may or may not know that I don't particularly like being a lawyer and if I had it all to do again I am not sure I would make the same choice. However, saddled with student loans I should never have taken out, here I am.  A lawyer.

I don't tell people I am a lawyer unless I am asked what I do.  I have a few reasons for this:
1.  Everyone has a problem, either a legal problem, or a problem they had in the past with a....(wait for it) lawyer.
2.  I don't want to give free legal advice all the time or in the doctor's waiting room. Seriously, I was at the allergist with big L and a woman next to me was proofing her petition or response and the lady next to her asked if she was a teacher.  She said she was a lawyer and for the next thirty minutes we, and the whole waiting room heard of all of her custody issues regarding her niece and nephew.
3.  Most people don't like lawyers, sometimes it is just a blanket prejudice; with some they think we are the root of all evil (see number one).
4.  I hate conflict.

Goodness you might say, what were you thinking when you went to law school?  Seriously, I was looking for a challenge, and wanted my dad to get off my back about going to graduate school.  He wanted me to do something with my life.  In reality, my BA in Religious Studies, with minors in Philosophy and Women's Studies, was not paying the bills.

I told myself that I would take the LSAT and since I would likely fail, I wouldn't have to go to law school and everything would be great.  HAH!  For the first time in my life I did extremely well on a standardized test (okay not the first time, but I BOMBED the SAT's).  Then I applied and got accepted both places I applied.  Not only that but my alma matter gave me a full tuition scholarship for all three years.  Needless to say, I went to law school.

I lived through the experience, though it was not always pleasant.  It was a challenge.  After years of easily being one of the top students in my favored classes, I was suddenly average.  Average.  I didn't quite know how to deal with this fact, or the fact that I actually had to study.  Like, for real, pull out the book and study for a test.  I had a few failures in law school, and my health was not good but I made it through.

It took me three times to pass the bar.  This is not because I am dumb, this was that issue I have with standardized tests.  Plus I could not afford to take Bar/Bri until the third time.  Once they told me how to pass the test, I passed (content was not the issue).

In reality, some days I love being a lawyer.  I get to help people.  Other days, I HATE it.  Some people think their life is horrible and that the sky is falling, and to them that is true, but they tend to fail to be greatful for what they do have, and that makes it hard for me to feel for them.  Don't get me wrong, I understand how stressful it is to be in a situation where you need a lawyer, I have been in that situation.

So, my blog, which if searched is unfindable, will lead you to many different blogs on the law if you type in momof2ls for your search.  Anyone who has been in law school knows that a 2L is a second year law student.  I can only hope that neither of my children will be inclined to follow in my footsteps.  In the meantime I am happy to help people with estate planning and bankruptcy.  Just remember to be greatful that, unlike the majority of Americans, you can actually afford to see an attorney when you need it.  Most people can't even afford an attorney to help them protect basic rights.

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