Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why am I fat? (or how I don't make time for me)

This is a humorous topic to me, mostly because I have to laugh not to cry about it.

The truth is that junk food (read almost all food found in the middle of the grocery) is addicting.  I can't seem to get enough.  In reality though I don't eat junk food frequently, but when I do eat it, I eat large amounts.  Case in point:  Pizza, not really healthy unless you make it yourself.  Do I need more than two pieces?  No.  But inevitably I end up eating four.  Why? Because it is there.

My true problem is that I eat the way I did when I was a teenager.  At that time I was growing a lot, and my metabolism was amazing.  I was also active from dawn to dusk.  Even in college I was active, hiking,biking, and working out.  Now that I am a grown up (see earlier post), I don't have this metabolism.  I have been working at office jobs for years, and my chosen profession is very sedentary.  Still, this is not an excuse.

I am fat because I don't make time to exercise.  Somehow between taking care of two kids, a husband, a home, and working part time I don't make the time for myself.  Honestly, exercise is time for myself, just like reading books is time for me.

So the goal for the week:  MAKE TIME FOR ME!  Exercise, swim and just do it and quit whining about it.

Oh yeah, the goal has to postponed for that epidural shot in my back on Thursday, but after that!!!  :-) (It's always something.)

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