Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diapers and Potty Training (Gross Alert)

Little l is coming up to 15 months old in a couple weeks.  Lately she has taken to removing her diaper.  Until yesterday this was no big deal, we would see, replace and no accident would occur.  Yesterday was a very long day for me, and my grossness max was reached. 

I laid her down for her morning nap.  30 minutes later she was still quietly talking to herself so I went in to check on her.  She looked up at me, pointed at the big wet spot on her bed and "told" me what happened.  I cleaned her up, changed the bed, fed her a bit of lunch and put her back to bed.  We were reaching the critical time of day where if she did not nap she would be losing nap time because we had to drive her sister around after school. 

She was quiet for a minute or two, then she was noisy.  I was on the phone, and thought, oh I will give her ten minutes then go check on her.  This was a BAD choice. 

I went in and immediately stopped.  I had no idea what to do first.  There was poop on the floor, the crib, her sheets, her snuggly, and all over her, as she had obviously decided to see what it felt like.  I quickly cleared the sink of all dishes, warmed up the water, carried her at arm distance and proceeded to scrub that child like she has never been scrubbed before.  Once the baby was clean I started in on the room, crib and then went back and cleaned all of my sinks.  I was wiped out, little l was crying because she was tired, so I laid her down for the third time for a nap, and she went right to sleep. 

I realize she is not at the age that you normally start potty training, but her diaper is obviously beginning to bother her, and I think that she understands, even if she can't stop herself, when she has to go.  I don't know.  I would take any advice I can get at this point.

I am not even sure how she gets her diapers off.  The velcro has to be grabbed from behind her and pulled forward (g diapers), and the ones I made have snaps, except for one which has velcro, and I am not fond of it so avoid using it unless I have no other option.  Although, she is my little Houdini and can get out of all straps except for her car seat, and I wouldn't put it past her to have that mastered by the time she is two.  I have already caught her trying to climb out of the crib (thankfully she is not there yet).  So I guess a diaper removal really should not surprise me. 

We bought a princess potty this weekend, but she keeps trying to put her feet in the hole instead of sitting over it.  I don't know.  Maybe I should just duct tape her diapers on (joking). 

I am sure eventually she will get it.  She will either potty train early or realize that it is gross to take off your diaper by yourself.  I know she was upset yesterday because she is a thumb sucker and could not soothe herself until after her scrubbing!  The joys of motherhood. 

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