Friday, May 2, 2014

Our gardeing attempts/a mouse in the house

 It has been about a month since I took these pictures so I could write this post.  What took so long?  In that time we had to little field mice get into our house.  I have spent a lot of time cleaning floors, toys, and really everything that a mouse could have touched.  This week I tackled the kitchen, which initially had no evidence of mice, and found a bit in those cupboards that don't hold food.  Then I went to my baking stuff, which I haven't used lately and threw away more powdered sugar and other items that I want to think about.  It has been a tiring and stress filled few weeks.  So blogging has been on the back burner of my mind, while I tried to keep completely OCD Marissa from coming out  again. 

However, this was my relaxing break during the mess.  Pictured above is my tomato plant, next week I will show you how much it has grown.  Pretty amazing.  You may also notice the drip line running by.  We put in a complete drip system the beginning of April, which is fairly awesome and allowed us to be gone for a weekend without worrying about the garden. 
 I have four strawberry plants right now and they are starting to put on berries.  Yum! 
I had to add a little flowering color to the yard too, otherwise it just wouldn't be me. 
This rosemary plant had outgrown its pot and looked a bit pitiful, it still looks a little pitiful.....

Tarragon, one of my favorite herbs.

Lemon thyme

This one and the next picture are lemon balm and bee balm, can't remember which is which.

Apples, Apples, and more Apples.  Our tree can't support the number of apples it put on, so I have had to pick off quite a bit and may have to come up with some supports for the remaining apples.  They look yummy though!

Black beans and I think the kids threw in a sunflower on the side.....

The grapevines we planted last year are growing and this bigger one has soooooo many bunches starting on it. 

this is a smaller one that I did not expect to come back, but it did.

This is my biggest grapevine, it has doubled in size since this picture. 

This one has also doubled since the picture. 

Don't forget about my peaches, they are beginning to ripen. 

I have purchased two new petunias that I put in pots on the other side of the yard.  This little guy popping up between the tile and raised bed is a self-starter.  It is from the plant I have that is at least two years old.  I have snapdragons and petunias popping up in lots of strange places because of all the flowers I had everywhere. 

My roses are also doing well this year.  

Overall, I am happy so far this year  The only issue we are having is with the cucumber and lettuce.  Every time I have some growing up past a half inch it gets eaten by something unknown as of right now.  More next week, I hope!

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