Monday, December 16, 2013

My first attempt at candle making....

Sometimes I wonder why I feel compelled to try and make all of the things I try to make.  Really, it would be easier to go and buy a candle!  However, with these I know there is nothing yucky in them and they supposedly help to clean the air, so I gave it a shot.

First of all I had to find another blogger who had done this.  I did this at Mommypotamus.  Then I ordered up more beeswax, coconut oil and wick material.  I used #1/0 square wick, and the old mason jars I don't use for canning since I switch to Weck Jars to can food.  They worked out great for my candles.

 See that mess?  That is what happens when you try to pour directly from the double boiler.  I recommend putting into another jar or something with a pour spout.

Definitely follow directions.  Pour in a big, let the wick set then pour in more, then your wick stays in the middle.  She did not use anything to hold the wick to the bottom and I wish I had.  I fought a lot getting that wick to stay in the middle and to not pull it out when I straightened the wick as I added wax.

Finished product on the right.  On the left, proof that I wasted a lot of wax by spilling it.  Next time I need to do a little more research about how to not loose as much wax to cooling.  My bowl had a nice layer of cooled wax in it almost immediately (at least that was what it seemed like).

When I run out of the big jars I am only going to use the smaller jam jars.  They were easier to deal with when it came to the wick.

I am burning one of my candles right now and I am quite happy.  It is not burning too quickly.  It isn't "scented", but it has a nice clean scent to it in my opinion.

Anyone have suggestions for my next attempt?

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